Sunday Find-day

You’re at Candelight Diner in Commack.  Maybe you just left Target and you’re getting a little stressed out with all the Black Friday shopping shenanigans which seems to bleed over into the entire month.  The family is acting crazy and you just stopped for a quick bite to eat.  It’s time to go back out into the shopping mayhem, but first you need a minute to yourself.

So you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom…


Everything looks normal right. So you go in and lock the door. But wait, what is that?


Now way, is that? Is that money? Oh my god it’s $5! Who’s luckier than you right now? Now spread that holiday cheer around will ya?



8 thoughts on “Sunday Find-day

  1. Chad Daring says:

    This is an interesting concept, though how are you recording anything beyond the initial drop off?

    personally I know that finding 5 bucks, regardless of how my bank account looks, improves my day, I like little things.

  2. i have stickers on the way that say something like “whether you left it or found it, take a picture send the story to and then there’s the site for people to go to to see other stories. and i feel the same way. i don’t care how much money you have, finding $5 would give ANYBODY a pick me up.

  3. lindabrownie says:

    You are still the genius I remember… I want some stickers please….

    • stickers are on their way to me, not sure when they’ll get here. then i’ll have to send some out to you 🙂 email me your address yo! but for now, try a note. i’m doing that today.

  4. lindabrownie says:

    Here is my current dilema. I live in an area of excess (as you know). I am however traveling to an area of moderation and borderline poverty this weekend. I can’t help but try to control my altruistism. Its that like a placebo, am I going to screw up the experiment? The other part of me says if I participate in my “area of excess” I better the chances of increasing participation….

    • i have to be honest, i completely understand your dilemma. i was going to go into some store the other day and tuck it inside a medium t shirt, but it looked like an expensive place, so i thought better of it. then i realized, it’s really not about who finds it. it’s about putting in the action and leaving the results alone. if i was really concerned with giving it to somebody that needed it (according to me) I could just hand it to somebody begging for it on the street, but then somebody else would say that person is just going to buy liquor with it. people’s definition of need is always different. that’s why i’m not concerned with who needs it and who doesn’t. i need to give the feeling of finding money to somebody. who finds it is up to god and the universe at large.

      • lindabrownie says:

        ok. I’m sold. I will place my first $5 sometime today…

      • there is ZERO pressure for you to be leaving money behind anyway. it just feels soooo good. did you see what that woman wrote? the one that left the money in a park in connecticut? she said something like “i don’t know what will become of that soggy little bill, but it’s gift has already been bestowed upon me” giving her imagination a little kick every time she thinks of the person finding it. so great.

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