A Case of The Mondays

This is like the exact OPPOSITE of having a “case of the Monday’s” as we all know it. I’ll be honest with you; I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. But something happened at about 7:10 am while I was driving to the train station. I was merging, and apparently I did it wrong because some woman made it a point to pull up next to me and scream “ASSHOLE!”

Now I know that I’m rubber and she’s glue and she sucks and all that, but it did rattle me…for about five seconds. Until I thanked the heavens that I wasn’t on the OTHER side of that glass, in her cage of rage. I also knew that things could only go up from here because of this new thing I started doing. The thrill of knowing that somebody is going to find this money I leave and therefore is going to have a better day really makes me happy, and it’s become a highlight of MY day.

Here’s how it went down this particular Monday.

I was walking down Thompson in SoHo and I saw this perfect palette for my financial graffiti.

(Most people would see it already)

As I got a little closer I realized there was this perfect spot to stick my little anonymous donation the person who pays attention the most.

As you approach this wall the event starts to take shape because you KNOW that you see a $5 bill sticking out of the sides of that paper, but your brain can’t believe it. There must be some kind of trickery about this, but as you get closer you see there’s a note and you know now that today IS, in fact, your lucky day.

As you process the words on the paper, you know in your heart that somebody just did you a favor. You’re welcome, and seriously, it was ALL my pleasure.

Especially after I saw THIS guy. Now, not to call him out, but this guy really made my day. He had a smile from ear to ear.

This blind man saw more beauty to smile at than most people with perfect vision. Maybe he heard the laughter coming from the playground right next to us. One child in particular was having a blast, almost laughing his head off, rolling around in a wheelchair. If a moment like that doesn’t make you ashamed for not appreciating all you have, then I don’t know what will.


2 thoughts on “A Case of The Mondays

  1. lindabrownie says:

    I am so into this…

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