Telephone Tuesday!

So you leave Penn Station after taking an hour train ride only to find out your cell phone is dead.  You’re not sure where the office is that you’re supposed to be going, but you do remember the phone number.  What are you going to do?  Oh, right there, across the street on the corner of 34th St and 7th Ave is a lonely little phone booth.  Probably one of the last ones on Earth.

You dig for some quarters in your pocket, but you have no change.  Right across the sidewalk there’s somebody who’s doing pretty much the same thing (begging for change) except he’s got a cup full of it and he is shaking it like crazy.  You offer him a $1 bill for one quarter, you tell him he can keep the difference.  Obviously he obliges.  He just made money!  As you turn around to make the phone call you notice something sticking out of the phone, and it almost makes you use the other booth.

Distracted by all the noise and lights and sights or Midtown Manhattan, you forget about that paper as quickly as you noticed it.  You pick up the phone to make the call and BOOM!!

This is like the best game of telephone you ever played.  Not that anybody uses pay phones anymore, but if you did, you would most likely be PUMPED to find a $5 bill wrapped in a loving little note.  You never would have thought that picking up the receiver would make YOU the receiver!


6 thoughts on “Telephone Tuesday!

  1. lindabrownie says:

    This one was GENIUS!! I miss phone booths and Superman

  2. Another awesome story. I think it would be nice if you would still let the 5$ bill stand out a little bit of the paper 🙂 PS: Give those categorys names (uncategorized). Love. Namasté, Nico.

    • absolutely, unfortunately on this one i couldn’t let it stick out because i had to make it fit in the cradle of the phone. i’m not gonna lie though, i didn’t like that you couldn’t see there was a little present in there. but i’m sure somebody figured it out haha people can SMELL money.

  3. This is what giving is all about! The joy you are receiving from anonymous giving actually feels better than any material gift you receive. You don’t get to see the joy on the recipient’s face, but you know you have made someone’s day! Love it!!!!

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