All Employees Must Wash Hands

Why is it only the employees? I never understood that. In any event, it’s probably an employee that’s going to find this tightly wrapped $5 bill on top of the dispenser (but under the new roll) or maybe just a really tall guy with a knack for finding money. Either way, it’s almost like there’s not even one person on Earth who wouldn’t get a little charge from finding left money. Especially when they realize that nobody lost it. It was just left to them by the universe at large. Rest assured, you will always receive whatever it is you need. It’s the “wants” we all need to work on.


So you decide to go to this place for lunch.


It’s incredibly busy, so before you even get on the line to order you jet to the bathroom to wash your hands.


But you, my friend, are a tall person. And you see something sticking out from underneath the big roll on top. Is that? Could it be? It’s $5!


Are you kidding me? And on this rainy grey day of all days? I bet your boss was just yelling at you and you were ready to eat your lunch under a your own personal little black nimbus cloud. You didn’t even need to be outside to be under a rain cloud, you were going to make your own. Not with this little ray of green sunshine peeking out at you!  You go ahead and you throw some cheese on that sandwich now. Maybe you should even treat yourself to a cookie. The calories might not even count because obviously, today is your lucky day.


2 thoughts on “All Employees Must Wash Hands

  1. gmar53 says:

    This experiment is wonderful! There is a commercial on TV that shows a domino effect with strangers witnessing a kind gesture, and then the scene changes and they extend a kind act themselves. I would like to see this experiment take off! The idea of a note attached is genius. Otherwise, people will think that someone “lost” money and may have misgivings about keeping the money. We have all lost money at one time or another and we know how bad that feels. Finding money feels like karma. Finding money that someone left for you–has a whole different meaning! It must feel like winning a lottery of some sort and the desire to share that could become contagious…at least I hope it does!

    • i haven’t seen that commercial but i heard that there’s a group of people out there called “soulpancake” that recommend doing a reverse pickpocket! putting money IN people’s pockets. absolutely genius.

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