Exercise Is Not A Punishment, It’s A Gift.

I just had a conversation with a guy who just past the 40 year milestone in his life a few years ago, and he was telling me about his exercise regimen. The guy was in good shape, no doubt, but I couldn’t believe the amount of time this guy put into taking care of his body. No less than 40 minutes a day as a rule. He said there was some scientific data behind his philosophy, but it was more emotional. He said that he met a guy while lifeguarding that was in phenomenal physical condition. He started asking him about what he does, this and that, and then the guy dropped the bomb. He told him that when he was 21 he was paralyzed in a car accident. Nothing from the neck down for 6 months. It doesn’t sound like a lot now, but can you imagine what month 4 must have been like? Not knowing if you’d ever be able to make use of this most perfectly built hunting machine again? The guy who was paralyzed said that when he finally got on his feet again he swore he would never stop moving. Let that be a lesson to us all the next time we decide TO TAKE THE ELEVATOR ONE FLIGHT OF STAIRS!

We’ve all done it. You walk out the office door and you’re faced with a choice.

Hmmm…should I go here?

Or should I go there?

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” -Robert Frost

Humans are programmed to be lazy; to take the path of least resistance. It’s genetic. If you move less, you use less energy and if you use less energy you have to replace less calories, therefore hunting less and then you get to be alive longer so you can increase your chances of procreation. I get it. But we don’t live in those times anymore.

Your body is a well oiled machine. Use those legs!
So you decide to take the stairs. What is that?

Is that? Oh my god is that $5? Just on the ground. Looks like there’s a note…

Now you and I both know that you’re going to take the stairs every single time, at least in that building anyway.


6 thoughts on “Exercise Is Not A Punishment, It’s A Gift.

  1. Preston says:

    Amazing timing! I actually just got back to my desk not 10 minutes ago from strapping a 40lb backpack on and walking up 300 stairs. There aren’t very many floors in the building, five, so I walk up and down them 2-3 times. Takes about 10-15 minutes but man it get’s the heart pumping! What a great idea to leave a $5 bill, consider it done tomorrow but only at the very top of the stairs!

    • wow that is awesome! yes definitely leave it at the top. i actually left this on the 2nd floor to make a point. if you can’t take the elevator up and down one flight, then you have a problem. but listen, if you really can’t, you really can’t. i’m not here to make disabled people feel bad by any means, but most people are just lazy. they have energy to wait two minutes while the elevator comes to pick them up, but they don’t have the energy to walk for 20 seconds? it doesn’t make sense mathematically. it’s a way of thinking though, which i undertand. i’m just trying to paradigm shift over here! good job on the workout too!

  2. rachyrachp says:

    Love this article! Thank you..

  3. this is too cool, thanks for sharing. and i love that it’s called financial graffiti.
    walk it off…and pay it forward! peace.

    • absolutely! the reason i call it that is because when you’re leaving the money, you get this little rush, like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. people could see, then they might just grab the money, which is fine. but you kind of want somebody to just come walking along and be like GOOD GOD!!! not watch you like a creep and then come grab the cash once you scamper off. i’m glad you’re into this whole thing. you’re not the only one. the response has been phenomenal. i guess everybody likes the feeling they get when they find money, even vicariously!

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