Abraham Lincoln Tunnel

One of my favorite ways to pay it forward is to pay the toll for the car behind you. It is so unexpected, and if you’re waiting in the cash lane, your life is already about 30% worse than those cars zipping past you into the EZ Pass lane. So when you pull up and the toll booth lady tells you that your toll has been taken care of, it’s a total shock.

Then it becomes a bizarre race between you and them because you want to see who did it, but you don’t because then you have to wave and scream thank you plus you’re driving and trying to merge and not miss your exit, especially if you’re going into New Jersey where one false move could cost you a half hour of your life. So you take it slow, and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the free ride, but don’t forget to pay it forward too.

This is a little different. One of my other favorite things to do is mess with people. So this time I put the dough and a little note on a car window, under the windshield wiper, just like a ticket.

Imagine this. You’re getting ready to leave Manhattan by way of the Lincoln Tunnel, which consequently is the way that Buddy The Elf came into New York City.

You see your car, which you’ve been searching for because you could have sworn you parked it on 33rd, but whatever. You found it.

It’s a pretty nice car. You’re making the payments on time. They’re a little tight, but the economy is looking up. One thing that nobody can afford to get though is a ticket. Is that a f*cking ticket? Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh what’s worse than walking up to your car and seeing a stupid piece of paper on the windshield?

That’s not a ticket. What is that? What does that say?

It looks like Friday, as great as it already is, just got a little bit better.


4 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln Tunnel

  1. Joinee Abad says:

    LOVE this one! will do on Friday, thanks 🙂

    (from Spain)

  2. Joinee Abad says:

    Did it today as promised 🙂

    Drop me an email if you want photographic evidence!

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