Bus Fare Fairy

Today I received an email from an awesome and anonymous money leaver from Long Island. The story looked something like this from the pictures he sent me. I have heard people say they don’t have enough money to be leaving it around. Apparently this gentle man takes the bus as well, and he was willing to help out a fellow future rider. He did something cool though. He took pictures of before and after. He took pictures of the money left waiting to be found, and then the empty space where the left money used to be until it brought a tremendous rush of joy to whoever found it. From all people who use money to buy things and would love to find some, thank you Mr Bus Fare Fairy.

Thank you.


Man, I gotta get on the bus. And it’s raining too!

Hold up. What is that?




Just in case you were wondering if anybody found it, our anonymous guest contributor went back the next day and made sure. Just like he thought, the experiment was a success.





Looks like maybe they bought a cup of coffee with the money and left that for somebody.  Ehhh, probably not.



All I know is, they will NEVER wait at this bus stop the same way ever again.



2 thoughts on “Bus Fare Fairy

  1. System Error says:

    Wow. Some found $1.50. I’m sure that changed their life. Why don’t you leave an interesting amount of money?

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