Thank YOU “The Thank You Economy”

If you’ve just discovered the endless wonderment that is the internet…

…then BOY! do I have a book for you to read. It’s called “The Thank You Economy” written by Gary Vaynerchuk (pronounced just like it’s spelled). The basic premise of this book is that the customer/friend/contact/Twitter follower, etc. must always feel valued and appreciated. Nobody likes being sold to, and that is exactly what it happening in the world of social media. There is an inherent problem with “selling” via social media outlets.

First of all, you can’t see the person’s body language and reaction to whatever it is you’re throwing out at them. Sales is basically a transference of enthusiasm, and not only is it hard to do that in text, but it’s impossible to tell if the person you’re approaching has ANY interest in what you’re talking about. Secondly, people tend to get very bold when they’re behind a computer screen, so they find themselves “saying” things to people that they normally wouldn’t have the courage to talk to in a way that is very crass. It might even be out of character for them to be that bold, but the person on looking at the other computer screen doesn’t know that. People forget that a computer is nothing if it doesn’t have a person sitting directly in front of it. It’s time to bring it back to people and real emotions. That’s what this book is all about. I don’t want to give too much away. Basically what I’m saying is you NEED to go buy this book. Your trip to purchase it might even look a little something like this…

Nice little Sunday out. A little cold, but the sun certainly is shining bright. Take a trip to this lovely little mom and pop bookstore…

Walk inside and search frantically for it for twenty minutes because you don’t want to ask a person for help. That would be embarrassing! (If you really think this way, email me and we can talk about it.)

What area could it be in? Self help? Business? Business management? Amazingness?
Oh, it’s in Careers. Time to scroll down and weed through all the BS about business. You’re not sure if it’s by author or title, so just keep looking. Oh! There it is.

Notice the title directly to the right. That’s exactly what this book is trying to get away from. People don’t want to do anything unless they’re getting something out of it, never realizing that helping and giving is intrinsically rewarding, almost to the point that you don’t even need an external reward. The irony of this is that the more you help people become who they want to become, the more willing they are to help you in return, usually tenfold. Will the world notice? That’s irrelevant. The question people need to be asking is “is this a statement of who I want to be?” If the answer is no, don’t be surprised when you look at your life and feel disappointment.

Grab the book, feel the wisdom. “This book is heavy for it’s size” you think to yourself.

That could be from all the information, or there might be something else making the book heavier… Open it up, to lucky page number 5.


That’s right. Consider yourself “paid from behind” (of course I said that to make it weird) because we are paying it forward. Now my sincere hope is that this particular book is bought off the merit of it’s reputation and not because there was found money in it, but whatever happens, happens. It’s not up to me what this person does with the money once they find it. My only goal is to give people the feeling of finding money, and with that, mission accomplished for today.


2 thoughts on “Thank YOU “The Thank You Economy”

  1. This is inspirational in many ways!

  2. that’s awesome that you feel that way! how are you feeling after your drop?

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