Left and Found

We’ve all heard the phrase before “he wipes his a** with hundred dollar bills” before, and although I am not a fan of that visual, it was today’s inspiration for the left and found.

It’s a cold winter day, and it seems like winter has settled in and is definitely here to stay (for a while anyway).

(I know I could have used a less beautiful picture, but I wasn’t in the mood to be ominous. Winter has barely just begun. If I start hating it now, I’ll never make it.)

Before I went back out on the streets to continue my own personal hustle (Yes I have a job. Yes I have made sacrifices to make this blog possible. No I don’t have money to just be leaving everywhere) I wanted to make sure I was ready for the chill.

So I hit up the bathroom. Now at first glance you don’t see anything too out of the norm, but you’re not looking close enough 😉

Maybe if you give yourself a couple of minutes to let your eyes adjust to the smell you’ll be able to concentrate on your surroundings enough to let the hidden characteristics of the bathroom appear to you.

Truth be told, I had to pull out the corner of the bill a little bit to make sure that it didn’t get tossed out. Leaving money randomly for people to find is one thing. I don’t consider that throwing away money. I consider that an investment in the world around me, and well worth it too. Leaving money so well hidden that it gets thrown away is a different story. That’s definitely throwing away money. So I tweaked it a little bit…

BOOM!! Lucky number 5! Pull that bad boy out of there. Today is your lucky day. You’re in a warm place. You just had a delicious lunch and then what?

Now tell me. Who’s got it better than you?


3 thoughts on “Left and Found

  1. This is the weirdest and most fascinating blog I have seen. Good work. That pumpkin hand is so amazing, and would be such a thrill to kids, boys anyway, even without the money.

    • haha thank you so much! that is the weirdest and most fascinating compliment i’ve gotten so far! no seriously though i appreciate you stopping by and checking things out. i’m definitely trying to make a dent in the mood out there in the world. people think money is hard to come by. NOPE! you just found some 🙂

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