Spreading to Singapore

I am both humbled and proud (weird, I know) to announce that today marks the first instance of ifoundmoneytoday.com going international!

I got a lovely little notice today in the form of comment on a post from somebody that lives in Singapore. Basically, they were so inspired by the thought of giving freely and without expectation, that they brought the movement to their country!

Be sure to check out the blog, but I had to include this little excerpt in his words:
“Because 1 good deed can turn into 3. And 3 good deeds can turn into 9. And 9 good deeds can turn into a movement.”

And THAT is why we do this. Because the same way that little things add up and break you down, little things snowball and build you right back up. There is no telling the effect this is going to have on somebody’s mood, then day, then other people’s day, until all of a sudden you’ve changed 30 people’s moods with a simple little gift. You can’t afford to give?

You can’t afford NOT to give. So without further ado, here is the link for this beautiful homage to the movement we are all so happy to be a part of.



2 thoughts on “Spreading to Singapore

  1. peacereader says:

    Every journey begins with a few small steps. It’s nice to know we are not on this journey alone.

  2. That’s the truth right there you’re speaking. I can’t get into it on this post, but I have been watching “How The Universe Works” and what they found in space a few years back was astounding. An astronaut had a bag of salt and he shook it up, and within minutes the particles were drawn to each other and starting clumping together and building a “planet”. It’s just amazing that even on a sub atomic level and a planetary level, we (being made up of atoms also) feel this need to be connected to each other. The herd instinct is strong. Unfortunately it’s weakened by perceived differences in culture, age, sex, interests, etc. There’s a million different reasons to stay separate, but only one reason not to. We literally can’t live apart from each other.

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