From My Dead Hand

Now this is something spectacular. Today’s offering comes from the infamous NYC pumpkin carvers, Maniac Pumpkin Carvers ( ) For the past few Halloween seasons, these two maniacs have been carving a rather large niche in the world of Halloween chic. Their artwork is perishable and seasonal, and for that reason it is timeless. Check out their site to see a catalogue of their work. Below is their rendition of Starry Night. It was the most popular picture ever featured on the MOMA website.

And now, without further ado. You found money alright, but you’ve gotta pry it from my dead hand…

“School lets out in about an hour and outside the playground at Intermediate School 383 in Brooklyn, some kids gonna stumble upon a severed hand clenching a fistful of dollar bills. They’ll get the attention of their peers before poking at it with a stick to see if it’s real. It certainly looks real, like it was cut from its victim only a day or two ago. The hand (I sculpted out of pumpkin) is cold and clammy, but firm in its grip. It lies haphazardly along the fence of the basketball court, waiting to be discovered. If there’s two things that do not go unnoticed for long, it’s money and human body parts, both of which will draw an eerie bewilderment from whoever stumbles upon it and dares to pry the money from disgusting pulpy fingers. Rumors will spread like juvenile wildfire, of the dilapidated hand, and the money and where it came from, and how when it was daringly picked up, wet, stringy tissue dripped from it onto the pavement like decaying flesh. In the event a kid even thinks that this hand may have been carved from a fruit, the next question is, ‘who and how the hell did somebody carve this?’ I did not stick around to witness such a response.  That mystery is mine.”

-Chris Maniac


4 thoughts on “From My Dead Hand

  1. gmar53 says:

    creepy, but very cool at the same time!

  2. Bekah says:

    wow! You carved that out of pumpkin? That’s awesome. I seriously thought it was a hand until I saw that it was cut off… and I read further.

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