Reverse ATM Fees

Have you noticed how crazy ATM fees have gotten recently? Heaven forbid you use one that’s not associated with your bank. By the time you pay the first fee AND the “spite” fee from your bank for not using one of theirs, you’re paying close to 6% to take out your OWN money, which is insane. It’s around 3% if you take out $200, and if you take out $300 or more you better watch your back! You are on one of the busiest street corners in the world, Broadway and 33rd in Midtown Manhattan, and it is prime tourist season. As a matter of fact, you’re outside of a tourist stop right now. Why don’t you just stare up into the sky like you’ve never seen a building taller than 3 stories before? Also ask for directions constantly. You’ll be just fine. New Yorkers are among the kindest most helpful people in the world.

The new word on the street is that sometimes they even leave money laying around for YOU to find to brighten your day. No, that must be urban legend. Or is it…

So you’re visiting New York City, and you decide that at some point you have to get some souvenir crap for everybody back home so they know you were thinking of them. I wonder if they’ll be thinking of you when they throw it out, but that’s for another discussion.

This place looks good.

Oh great! There’s even an ATM right outside so you can get cash and try to haggle over the price of a postcard!

This ATM is much different than the ones they have in your country. First of all, they’re outside, which is just bizarre. Second of all it looks like somebody vandalized it…


Check out that sticker right there. Those are brand spanking new and we are going to be using the HECK out of them. It just got a little easier to be sneaky. I can stick money wherever I want! I am the Banksy of bucks! A modern day financial graffiti artist. My only hope is that they’re able to peel that $5 bill off the back of the sticker once they realize that a) it’s real money and b) it’s for them. It wasn’t lost or stolen. It was left for you to find. I hope it made your day 🙂


12 thoughts on “Reverse ATM Fees

  1. Dienna says:

    Someone going to use that ATM will probably think to himself or herself, “I don’t need to use the ATM now that I’ve found money!”.

    That was a nice place to put it.

    • thanks dienna! i appreciate you validating my choice of placement. i was thinking it might be a little redundant to put money on an ATM, but people go to those things for money specifically! so the fact that there’s a little extra there waiting for them? that would get me all sorts of pumped 🙂

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hahaha! O LAWD! “I am the Banksy of Bucks” – what a fantastic analogy! You truly are… 🙂

    • thanks lizzie! i’m not even joking, i get this rush when i “make a left” that i know is going to be found by somebody. i stopped worrying about who gets it. i did my part leaving it, then the universe conspires to put the right person there at the right time. i actually hung out on the opposite corner today for just a minute, and no less than 20 people walked right past it. i couldn’t believe it. i felt like i was under a microscope and nobody even noticed! goes to show you how much people are really watching you or thinking about you. they’re too busy living their own lives 🙂

      • Dienna says:

        “they’re too busy living their own lives”

        I’m always saying that people need to get outside themselves more and take the time to think about the world around them.

      • can you imagine what the world would be like if everybody everywhere dedicated one hour a day to helping other people. everybody could pick a different hour that way the whole world doesn’t shut down. i’m gonna look into if that can be mandated.

      • Lizzie says:

        This is true. I know I’m often busily thinking things in my head that I just don’t take the time out to stop and look around me. Holidays are coming up so there’ll definitely be plenty of time to do that. My partner’s good with things like that. When he has to catch public transport he often leaves his earphones out to observe and listen to what’s going on around him.

      • yeah you have to keep your wits about you, especially in highly populated areas. one of my favorite quotes is by henry david thoreau who said “beauty can not be perceived but with a serene mind”. wow… that is amazing. that rocks the thoughts right out of your head doesn’t it? makes you want to just go blank and soak it all in. if there’s all that stimuli out there, and all that stimuli IN there, which one do you think is winning? it’s like those silly thoughts have squatter’s rights on your brain!

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Nice post , nice article .great 🙂

    • hey thanks a lot! thanks for stopping by and commenting AND getting it. i’m glad that people are understanding the meaning of what this is about. it’s not about just handing out money, it’s about giving people THAT feeling of finding money. that they are, in fact, lucky. feeling unlucky is a terribly victimizing state.

  4. Bekah says:

    I love your blog. I have forwarded your blog to my best friend. She is moving to New York in a month and I told her to be on the lookout and to share in the gift of giving also.

    • thanks so much! how awesome would that be if i went to go plant some money on the street and i saw somebody had already done that? wow, that is a great thought. tell her new york is a WONDERFUL place to live. she’s just gotta focus on the right things.

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