Don’t Chute The Mailman

“And I was just checking the mail. Get it? Checking the male?”

That line literally had nothing to do with anything, but I couldn’t stop singing it to myself after I did today’s drop for
There’s something about NYC in the winter time that is equal parts insanity and nostalgia. It seems like the people on the street get crazier every year. Or maybe it’s just that I’m getting more sane. Or maybe I’m getting crazier and it’s like a “takes one to know one” kind of deal? Am I one of them? Oh lord, looks like I have some questions to ask myself… aaaand then answer. Does that mean I’m talking to myself? I mean, I do talk to myself but it’s not like I hear voices.

Who said that??

Better get into today’s installment. This was a pretty “vanilla” drop. I was out on my calls and I saw one of those old school mail delivery chutes by the elevator and I thought “Whoever goes to get the mail today is going to get the surprise of a lifetime”. From now on, everybody will be jumping up to check for the mail. That’s why I do this. Long lasting Pavlovian excitement response to the most seemingly mundane tasks.

Who wants to go get the mail today?

The scene of the anti-crime…

Looks nice and festive inside!

More like a festival of blinding glare, but can we ignore that? I’m not a professional photographer.

So, you think you’re JUST gonna go get the mail today before you head back into the office? Little do you know that Bucksy had been there just a few minutes prior and your lunch has been retroactively subsidized!

As you approach the chute you notice something is different…

Is that some sort of a note on the glass? Why would somebody leave a note? NOPE!!

It’s A MMMOOONNEEEYYYYYY!!  Better question.  Why would somebody leave money?  Oh, that’s right, to brighten your day!  You just won the mail check jackpot! Your prize is five dollars AND an intense feeling that the world is NOT out to get you and everything WILL be okay. You can now relax and enjoy your day knowing that the ether and everything in it is conspiring to make sure that YOU have a pleasant existence. Now please enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Chute The Mailman

  1. Lizzie says:

    Oooh man “the scene of the anti-crime”… You just continue to crack me up. Great work! Maybe you should get into reviewing or journalism! :O

    • thanks! i’m doing my own little version of journalism right now. i don’t want anybody sending me on any crazy water skiing squirrel assignments! haha I just want to document people finding money 🙂

  2. Bekah says:

    I wonder how long it takes people to notice that there is money nearby.

    • i don’t know, but i wonder that too. i always think i’m going to get caught, not that i wouldn’t be able to explain myself, but i definitely wouldn’t be able to leave it there once somebody was watching me do it. that’s not how the game works! 🙂

  3. Hey, I really enjoy your quest! I noticed you have came up with a namecard kinda leavebehind. Kinda of sweet to keep track of the ‘picker.’

    Silly question, are you concern of being ”discovered’ while going on your installments?
    I do feel like a sleuth many a times – Walking discreetly, snapping pictures, back and forth just to make sure the gift is secure:)

    Anyway, your story always having smiling and inspired!! Thank you!

    • yes those stickers were ordered on my second day of doing this, and they just got here the other day. i really wanted people to be able to go to the website and tell the story of how finding the gift affected them. so far nobody has written in, i think people might be a little afraid that they’re going to have to give the money back, which is obviously not the case at all.

      and to answer your other questions, yes i definitely get a little rush of adrenaline when leaving behind the drops. that’s what makes me want to do it, that little ping of excitement knowing that somebody is going to find it. you definitely have to be sneaky and that’s why i started calling it financial graffiti. you have to be cool, calm and collected. just drop and go, like nothing happened. except you have to take pictures of it which definitely makes people stop and take notice, or at least it makes you think they’re going to! they probably don’t even notice 🙂

  4. heeheehee…Anyway, your story always have me smiling and inspired!! Thank you!!

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