Miracle on 34th Street

This drop really felt like graffiti because I had to (You like how I said I had to? I’m such a victim here) post a sticker up on a subway wall, which is the unofficial home and birthplace of graffiti. It’s also the official home and birthplace of a lot of rats, but that’s besides the point.

Today’s drop was made at about 3 pm, the week before Christmas at the 34th Street subway station. Prime time for traffic.

Sometimes I think about it…what am I getting caught doing? Planting a seed of joy with hopes that it’ll grow into a life changing tree of events? With massive arms that grabs and hugs everybody and everything? Please man, this is a good thing. This makes me think of something I’ve long battled with and I want to share with you. It’s just a challenge that I issued to myself long ago and fail constantly at. I’ll tell you what it is as the bottom of the post.

So here we are for Monday’s money drop. I told you! Look at the sign.


Today I wanted to have a little fun with the numbers. Because I leave a $5 bill, I planted it right after the 4 in 34. This made the sign say “345” which doesn’t seem that cool at first, but when you think about it? Oh man, it’s amazing. (Just keep thinking, just keep thinking just keep thinking) -an obvious Finding Nemo reference thank you very much.

So here’s what it looked like when the 34 and 5 connect. It’s magical. Abracadabra! Now you don’t!


Now you see it! Wait a second…


I just did reverse magic on that wall! The best part is, I got to wait for the train and watch person after person just walk by completely oblivious to the fact that the universe was trying to gift them something. Sound familiar?

With that said, the challenge I alluded to before was a personal one. Basically I do my best to stifle the negative impulses and let the positive ones fly freely. Example- somebody sneezes on the train. Everybody knows they’re supposed to say god bless you, yet no one does, including me. Or when somebody drops something, do you want to bend down and pick it up but don’t? Next time, honor that kind impulse. Most people let the negativity fly without a thought. I think you know what this looks like i.e., yelling at somebody or flipping them off, the list could go on ad infinitum. Let the kindness fly! And be kind to yourself, the most important practice of all.


2 thoughts on “Miracle on 34th Street

  1. Bekah says:

    Oh, a play on numbers! I love it.
    I always so “Bless you” when someone sneezes. I don’t care where I am or what’s going on or who I might offend.
    During this time of the year, I always play Christmas songs. It keeps me happy and keeps the negative thoughts and feelings away. I don’t get mad at the guy that just cut me off in traffic or the lady crossing the road without looking.
    I ‘get’ that feeling that you don’t want to get caught, even though you are doing a good deed. Its suppose to be kind of a secret. Found money… not money you saw me put there.

  2. My favorite number of all time, for any purpose, is 5. I love it, so when I got the chance to play it up? It was like a dream come true 🙂

    I always say bless you too, it’s different on the train for some reason. I wonder if anybody else feels the impulse coming out and then stuffs it down. I’m sure everybody does, it’s just weird. Come ride the train in NYC or the Long Island Railroad. All god bless you rules do not apply.

    And yes, it’s “found money”, not “you creepily watched me put it here and now you’re staking out the scene to find it” money! The thing is though, like 30 people walked right by it and saw nothing. That’s the most amazing part.

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