BAM! FyDollas!

You know how you felt when you saw the title of this post? That’s how I felt when I saw the spot for my drop today; utter excitement. Maybe it was because of the location or maybe it was just because I get SO pumped knowing that somebody is going to find this money and it is going to make their day. Like our sister site in Singapore says “1 good deed can turn into 3, and then 3 into 9, and then 9 good deeds can turn into a movement”. I’m paraphrasing, but you can go check it for yourself. The site is

You’ll love it. But for our purpose here today I really meant it when I said I felt a very “bam” feeling when I saw my location today. Here, see for yourself…

I didn’t even know what this advertisement was for it just said “BAM” and I was hooked on it. I stopped what I was doing, missed the train, and got to business. I took out a sticker and grabbed the $5 bill I put aside earlier in the day and got very quiet, almost ninja like. I just bent down front and center with the only “BAM” I’ve ever seen used in advertising. Rarely do marketing agents use onomatopoeia in the copy. (I can’t believe I just used that word.)


Have you ever seen a “BAM” like that? I didn’t think so. I dont’ mean to belabor the issue, it just blew me away how dumb corporations think people are. Well, then again, I did stop and stare at it. Can we say that’s besides the point? Just get a little closer and see exactly what’s going on here. The sticker is about to make it’s way onto that billboard.

And that’s how it happens. I really love that the way this ad is going to read now is “BAM! You just found some money!” How do you like that? If you’re like me, and any other human being that uses money to buy things, you probably like it just fine. You’re welcome and from us over here at I hope this little left and found treat brightened your day just enough for you to brighten somebody else’s, because that’s how the world changes.


2 thoughts on “BAM! FyDollas!

  1. The poster its perfect. “BAM and then it hits you.” Perfect location!!!

    • and then it hits you! haha how cool is that? again though, i got the opportunity the watch for a minute as the money sat there, helpless, just waiting to be found and a bunch of people walked right past it. i went back later and saw it was gone but i don’t understand how people don’t see this stuff immediately! it’s really fascinating to me 🙂

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