Whoomp! There It Is!

I’m taking it back to the old school, cause I’m a old fool, who’s so cool.
If you wanna get down, just show me the way!
Whoomp! There it is, lemme hear ya say…

The best part is that you can probably see the money already. I only went into the store for a minute and it was gone by the time I got out. It’s amazing how good people’s vision gets when they need to spot left and found greenbacks.

See if you can see the money on the ground from here.

Even if that’s not your car, you’re going that way anyway. “Oh I think my car is in that aisle…”

You KNOW it’s not in that aisle, you think you see money so you’re going that way! It’s okay, we all would have done the same.

Well would you just look at that? Would you look at it?

Bend down, pick it up. It’s yours. It’s from the ether. You owe us back nothing. Pay it forward.


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