Tuesday Is The New Monday

Being that a lot of us were just getting back from the 3 day holiday weekend, I had some catching up and production to do at work. I got caught up in the rush hour, but I figured that’s no reason for somebody not to find money today!

Why should I take that joy from somebody just because I got busy. That would be rude and selfish 🙂

So on the way home I stopped by the magazine store in Penn Station. This is where people typically hang out when they miss their train, so they’re usually not in the best of moods. I realized I had the ability to change that, at least $5 worth anyway…

So I went right to a section I know nothing about. Photography, but I do like pictures, so I thought maybe a guy like me might wind up looking at some pictures because I can’t read because my brain is fried after a rough day at work. I just want to look at some pictures. That’s what you’re thinking as you approach this section.

What you are NOT thinking is “Hey, maybe I’ll find money today and it’ll cheer me up.” But, low and behold, as you reach for that magazine, you see something. What is that? No way, not a chance.

God just bought your magazine for you? Yes, God and the people at http://www.ifoundmoneytoday.com did you a solid. Enjoy those pictures. But don’t forget to look at the magazine next to the one you just picked up and get his with such cognitive dissonance that your head almost explodes. (That’s what happened to me).


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