Brent Underwood in Bed-Stuy

This morning’s post comes to us from a particularly thoughtful and deliberate young man doing his bidding in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. I’ll let him tell his story 🙂
(Scroll down to the bottom for his blog)
“Finding money rocks. This I have know for quite some time. In fact, as a resourceful youth I would regularly hide money from myself, in hopes that I would forget and add excitement to my own future. Selfish, sure, but come on I was 12. The success rate on this experiment was, predictably, low, as my memory and I got along better then. However, anytime I was able to fool myself, I remember laughing and telling everyone who would listen. It truly would change my day.

So this afternoon, inspired by ifoundmoneytoday, and being the somewhat less selfish mid-twenties person I am, I decided to take to the streets. My hope this time was to pass this memorable feeling to others. Specifically, kids.

Now, I know that targeting your audience is by definition in conflict with a ‘random act of kindness’. However, for me, the feeling will always be associated with being a kid. Therefore my excursion took me across the street to the playground at PS 21, a public school in BedStuy, Brooklyn. Struggling to get the bill to wedge in between the sheets on metal on the slide, all the feelings from the past were again brought up, and I laughed, much the same laugh as I must have a decade or so ago.

And even if it was an adult who happened down that slide in a children’s park and found the $5, well, than that is OK too. They must be a child at heart, as I still am. Hours later, here I am, still smiling. You would be hard pressed to find any other way to ‘spend’ $5 and get this response.

Still feeling giddy from my first experience, and with one other $5 in my pocket, I again targeted an audience. You see, I always go out of my way to throw things in garbage cans on the street. “Big deal” I hear you thinking. Right, I agree. It isnt a big deal to throw out trash. This is why people who do not use trash cans are that much more irritating. I am the guy who picks up when wanna be LeBron misses with the foil ball. It’s a trait I wish more of my fellow New-Yorkers would possess.

So, for the next one of you who can take some time out of your busy day to actually use the trash can, congratulations, for once you are duly rewarded. ”

I hope you’re feeling rewarded too brother. Thanks for paying it forward in meaningful ways!

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4 thoughts on “Brent Underwood in Bed-Stuy

  1. It’s a happy new year for the finder, indeed. And a happy new year to the giver, too!

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