Happy New Day- Resolution Revelation

I’d just like to take this opportunity to remind you, if you are reading this, that you ALWAYS have the ability to change your life. You do NOT need an arbitrary date to tell you when to start acting better, or being more disciplined, or being more kind to people or yourself. Every single moment that your heart beats another beat and your lungs take another breath is a moment that you, as the sole controller of your actions and life, have the chance to make everything better. You can start now, always.

Today I did a special drop near a car that I just sensed needed a little pick me up. There was a car seat in the back and it was kind of messy, but not so messy that it seemed like the woman had just given up on her life, just like she could use a little help (in the form of a $5 bill). Plus the car was parked at the train station on a Sunday morning. I don’t know what that means exactly, but it made me feel for her. (And no I don’t know if it was a her, but I was using my kindness-sense at the time).

So just imagine you are the owner of this vehicle. You come back to your car after an overnight shift and you are fully exhausted. You just want to pick up your child and go home. You don’t want anything to get in your way or delay your trip. You’re rushing off the train with all your supplies in your hands and you want to just throw everything in the back seat and get on with your day, and now your life. Because today is Jan 1st, and you’ve got some resolutions to get working on. As you get closer to your car you see something, but it looks like another piece of litter. It just looks a little different. A little more valuable.

You think to yourself “I have to get my child. I don’t have time to even look closer to see what that is.” But it looks like money and you haven’t found money in a LLOONNGG time, since you were a little kid. Nobody gets that lucky anymore, especially not on New Years Day. If that’s money, that’s a sign that your entire year is going to be different than last year, but one day at a time, starting today.

YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT THAT’S FIVE OF THEM! Five bucks, you just found it, and today is your lucky day. And this is going to be your year. You are able to make this choice because this is YOUR life, and nobody could or should be living it for you. You have gained the ultimate sense of responsibility today and you are going to use that to YOUR advantage and to make the world around you a better place, one day at a time and one person at a time. It all seems so simple now. I love you and I hope you had a great day. But you can’t pay me back. You have to pay it this way…



4 thoughts on “Happy New Day- Resolution Revelation

  1. Jason says:

    Inspiring. I know you made that woman’s (or man’s) day.

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