Get This Guy A Gallon Of Gas!

This post needs no explanation. Gas prices are ridiculous. With oil money at the core of political and social conflicts, I found it very easy to justify leaving a nice little rolled up $5 bill tucked into the credit card slot at the Shell gas station. I also realized shells used to be used as money. You can read about the ancient currency “cowry” here:

For now, just enjoy this gallon of gas on us over here at We are all about planting little seeds of joy in the earth for you to find. It’s then up to you to water and feed them so they can grow into trees of fulfillment and paying it forward.

Check this out. You pull up to the gas station. Just like you’ve done countless other times…

What’s terrible is that $3.59 a gallon looks normal. I don’t even want to talk about it. I just want to leave money and get out of here. I don’t normally do this, but I hope the money is for somebody who is using gasoline wisely. I’d rather this money gets somebody 70 miles than 24. Just a thought 🙂

Pick your poison

Just then, you go to pull out your credit card to stick in the slot and PULL IT OUT RAPIDLY! What does it matter how fast I pull it out? Has anybody ever dragged the card out of the reader slowly just to see what happens. I bet somebody has, but maybe they didn’t make it out alive to tell their story. Maybe the credit card speed police came and took them away for life! Either way, you can pull this money out as quickly or slowly as you want! It’s yours! You found money today, and it happened just when you needed it most. When you were about to spend it on a necessity. Happy driving!


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