Diddy Dirty Money

Sometimes people move from New York to California and meet some amazing people. Other times people from California visit their friends from home in New York and catch up with people the lived in California for a short time but then moved home back to New York. Finally, sometimes when people move back to New York they are so inspired they literally have to start leaving money places for people to find because they know it’s going to brighten their day. When all these events take place, you have a post that looks something like today’s. Welcome to New York City, where weed is NOT legal.

Now, even though this young man is from California, he does not smoke pot. That still doesn’t explain why he insisted in blocking out the “C” in Canal Street though (so the sign read anal). Here we are trying to do something nice for the subway riding citizens of NYC and it’s got to be tainted. I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes. The only thing dirtier than his intentions is whatever is underneath this manhole cover.

The only thing dirtier than what’s underneath that manhole cover is the trick he played on the unsuspecting passers by. How would they have known that THIS was under his foot?!

I hope one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finds it! They are probably struggling right now, haven’t had a hit in a while.

But that’s how we do it when we bring the West Coast to the East. I wonder how much money that $5 bill is worth in California. Let’s try and figure it out. If it’s 3 pm here now…


5 thoughts on “Diddy Dirty Money

  1. Linda Brown says:

    One of my favorties….

  2. That’s an inconspicuous place to hide that bill! I hope someone finds it. 🙂

    • You know what’s funny? Whenever I hide money in places I think are obvious, sometimes I’ll hang around and see if somebody grabs it. You’d be surprised how many people walk right it. When I come back it’s always gone, but I’m always amazed that even ONE person walks by.

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