Sacred Self Wellness Sacrifices For the Sake of Somebody Else

That’s a LOT of “s” sounds in one sentence, but so is this sentence.  Seriously I simply can’t stop! Alliteration all around

Okay, I needed a breather there. When I get on a tear, it’s difficult to pull myself back, but for the sake of today’s post, I will exert tremendous self control over my over-active typing machines. This morning I was tagged in a post on Facebook by Louise Scalza, of West Babylon in Long Island. Apparently she was in dire need of detergent, so she made an emergency run out to Shop-Rite. While there she was overcome with an urge to do some good for somebody she was never going to meet, see or get a thank you from. Her note and money were left with no expectation or ulterior motive EXCEPT for the finder of the money to “do good”, which I think is a beautiful intention to set upon somebody.

But this comes as no surprise when you look at her website and what she does for a living. She has dedicated her life to the healing and loving of others, so this post makes much more sense than when it first started, when it made none. Check out the picture and scroll down for her website.


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