Spreading to South Africa

Today I got a picture from a very giving and deliberate man in South Africa. Realizing that a picture tells 1000 words, he opted to leave out the details and let the picture speak for itself. Keep in mind when you see the book the money was left in, that this drop was made in South Africa 🙂


P.S. Scroll down for addendum


(I received this email from the contributor shortly after this post went up).

“S____ B______ here. We just ‘chatted’ via Twitter.

Lemme first tell you that I think your concept is amazing.

Firstly, it’s perfect because you never know who you might be helping and secondly because you can never ‘bask in the thanks.’

Many people give to the ‘needy’ because it makes THEM feel better…

With your concept (typically) no one should know what you did, but you.

I decided to place money like this (feel free to ad the pic) on a regular basis.

I purposely DO NOT try to pick places where either poor or rich people will be, public places like news agencies and quiet times…

The most amazing thing is that either some stinging rich snob will find it and realize there’s more to life than they thought or that someone really needs it and might just start believing prayer.

No matter the result – it’s not my place to decide or to try to manipulate who benefits.THAT is the beauty of it!

Also – the amount is irrelevant! It’s about the THOUGHT!

All of the very best to all the amazing people who give and maximum happiness to all those who receive!

I hope this makes 2012 a year to remember for some of the BEST reasons ever!

You’re welcome to add this to your site with the pic, but not my name, please.”


THAT is what this thing is all about 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Spreading to South Africa

  1. Innocent-observers-wandering-and-kicking-rocks says:

    So…. I was definitely in for this project until the prayer part. First off, you assume to pass judgment on those “rich snobs” and push your religion down the throats of people who actually might want to better society because it’s good, not to gain favor of a deity or earn another jewel on your crown in the fairytale after life you’ve been raised to accept. In that one line you told me that you do want credit for the charity. We know god’s always watching right? How about doing it in hopes just that another human being is happier, not that they’ll finally save their godless souls and convert to whatever suedo bohemian omniscient being you pray to. I don’t think the 50 bucks in a copy of Darwin’s finest philosophy is really going to tip the hats towards religion. Good try though 😉

    • Well I appreciate you using big words and attempting to make me feel stupid for having faith, but first of all, I didn’t plant this money. Secondly, and I mean this with all due respect, you were never “for” this movement. If you were, the mere mention of a god wouldn’t have swayed you. You are the one using religion here, to manipulate. “I was gonna do this, but you said that” 😦 let’s be honest, you were never going to do anything, so we’ll continue to say what we want. Perhaps you could learn something from this gentleman because although his beliefs may be different than yours, at least he believes his beliefs enough to stick by them.

  2. S_______B_______ says:

    Actually, I am the hapless TWIT that made this gesture…

    Let me clarify some issues for you:

    1. My religion. I am actually more agnostic/atheist than true Christian. I was trying to refer to the “prayer” issue as an exampe of the the receiver would see it – not as a way to illustrate how I see it.

    2. I cannot pass judgement on “rich snobs,” and was (again) trying to include a frame of reference. Some people would argue that they would not leave it this way “in case some rich snob finds it.” I was trying to say “No matter who receives it for whatever reason” it’s not important, as long as you GIVE.

    3. God’s watching? Really? That the best you can come up with? My actual belief-system has NOTHING to do with “god” or God – whatever frame of reference whoever reads this would prefer. I believe that we just simply need to “do good.” No matter the reason.

    4. Perhaps attacking the creator of the concept is also terribly misplaced? You should not care about why, how or by whom the concept started… Just that it did.

    5. The words up there are all mine – my actual words. How you turned MY words into the creator of this concept “shoving religion down throats” is beyond me! I never made any effort to promote any religion. I was simply trying to share my (brief) thoughts on how I came to “join” this experiment – or whatever it is, and my thought processes associated thereto – in illustration.

    My ACTUAL thoughts? This feels good! I WONDER whose world I will have changed with this tiny little gesture. So – whether the receiver believes in Hinduism, is a Mormon a Christian or an Atheist, whether they are terribly poor or filthy rich (and a snob), I could not care less! I am sure the mere “surprise” of finding money in a random place like that must AT THE VERY LEAST make someone wonder… And possibly. Just possibly, decide that the world ain’t that crappy after all!

    I really wish that – while you took the time (and thereby the value) to reply with that “fancy repertoire,” you actually also pulled out a note and left it for someone, somewhere?

    I say MAXIMUM RESPECT to this concept. I am sold. Watch for my future pics. Now you ONLY have me committed to prove that this is a good thing!

    All of the best for 2012, though…

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