Help An Old Lady Across The Street

I was a boy scout, albeit not a very good one, or should I say “knot” a very good one. That knot badge really held me back in life. I mean, I could cook, shoot a bow and arrow, always be prepared, help an old lady across the street, etc., but you’re telling me that because I can’t tie a knot that hasn’t been used since 1850, I can’t move forward in my scouting career?  So I said “This blows” and I quit the Webelos, but I never forgot the moral lessons I learned during my short tenure as a scout.
1. Always be prepared.
2. Help old ladies across the street.

For today’s post I just meshed those two ideas together, in a round about way, kind of.  Okay, here’s what really happened…

I was out making calls for my job in an area I was unfamiliar with, so I had my head on a swivel and my wits about me. I was standing next to an old lady, but she didn’t look like she had made a definitive decision to cross the street or not, plus she had a walker (which means she might be angry).  So I went on my way and took off across the street, but so did she! She took off, but she went on a diagonal, which is a terrible way to cross the street when you move slow. In any event, I made it across and so did she! Then we met up one more time as she hopped her walker up on the curb and made a move towards her destination. I stepped out of the way gallantly and looked down to check my phone for the address. It felt like a few minutes but before I knew it, there she was again! This time I was prepared, boy scout style. She was about to go in this door.

You can’t see it, but the step up is pretty rough, plus the door swings out. I jumped into action and pulled that door open for her, like a boss! Then I held that door open and got the inside one as well. She got buzzed in, thanked me elderly, then went inside to her appointment. I felt amazing. I lost one opportunity at the corner and another at the curb, but I made up for it at the door and I was riding a natural high. I knew this would be a good place to drop some money for somebody to find. It might even be her…

Here’s where I left it. Look closely.


That’s right! Today is your lucky day!

Whether you helped an old lady across the street or not, you have that same feeling, because you just found money! And what’s better than that?

Obviously money isn’t everything, but finding it is amazing.


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