Tip The Corner

For whatever reason, I felt like stuffing a $5 bill into a corner right by a construction site. I figured it would stay put (it was so windy) and being that it was on 8th Avenue, I’m hoping that a homeless person will find it. Now some people will disagree with this, HOWEVER, this is about unconditional and anonymous giving. We don’t judge the recipient or what they do with the found treasure. As a matter of fact, the less money somebody has and the more they NEED it to fill a craving, the more excited they will be and the more taken care of by the universe they will feel. That is what we’re after here. We’re trying to make people stop and think “Hey, maybe today IS my lucky day”.

People usually work a little bit harder at life when they don’t feel like they’re working against the tide, but rather riding it into the shore.

This right here is the corner of 8th and 35th (not a great place to be unless you’re trying to find some trouble.)

But you’re getting closer to finding your luck.

So just keep going. You never know when the miracle is about to happen, but usually it’s JUST around the corner. Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle. Push through and get everything you deserve. (Refer to “3 Feet From Gold”, a wonderful book).

I hope you have a wonderful day you little $5 bill finder you!


3 thoughts on “Tip The Corner

  1. Randy Cox says:

    This is a great way to give something back if you have faith the right people will find it at the right time.

    At a new art gallery I was opening, waiting for the city inspector to write us a certificate of occupancy, the inspector came back into the room where I was waiting with all the blood drained from his face.

    “Did you leave this for me?”, he asked waving a $20 bill.

    The previous occupant had stuffed a twenty inside the electrical panel cover. The inspector thought I was trying to bribe him into issuing the certificate.

    The previous occupant was next door. I called and they admitted to stashing money all around when they were flush, so they could find it when they needed money. Strange, but interesting.

    I told them to come get their money and the inspector relaxed a bit and approved our certificate.

    Stash your money around the construction spot…but not near the electrical panel, please 🙂

  2. Unconditional and anonymous giving, sounds good to me. 😀

    Promise, I’ll do this too 😀

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