Instant Karma- Just Add Action

This IS how it works. This is not a game of tit for tat where the big guy in the sky scribbles down all your deeds in a notebook and prescribes your life as he sees fit based on your behavior. It’s not a system of rewards and positive reinforcement where if you are a good boy or girl, you get a treat in the form of a new car of new job.

I’m talking about living in a heaven on Earth in which your actions immediately determine your state of being. Your state of being then determines what you are pulling into your existence through the ether. Ether pulling is not magic. Radio waves and cell phone signals fly through the ether; why not thoughts?

As a matter of fact, with all of us being so connected through wireless modems and modus operandi, I believe that ESP is even more alive and well than it was in the days when the masses believed in voodoo. You have a thought, you type it and send it, and then the recipient receives it, all in the absence of physical presence or even a land line. We are literally sending thoughts and intentions through the air at all times which is why when you give, you feel good. And when you give, you receive. This goes both ways though. If you want to put out selfishness and fear, guess what you’re going to encounter; parasites and threats. I put out love as much as possible and that’s what I receive, sometimes in overwhelming amounts.

And it’s not because I’m a good boy. It’s because I’m a man that does good.
The best prayer is not wishful thinking; it’s wishful action. Say a prayer, set your intention and get to work. The most frustrated people are those who do nothing and expect everything. Those that do everything and expect nothing are literally living in heaven on Earth.

I’ll meet you there.


4 thoughts on “Instant Karma- Just Add Action

  1. kevin says:

    i like it, keep them coming.

  2. johnkeiller says:

    Reblogged this on johnkeiller and commented:
    I believe the sentiment here is absolutely right. If you act in a nice, pleasant and helpful way towards all the people around you that type of interaction will manifest in your own life.

    You see it in people who are angry that they think that its easier and better to be that way than to be nice and navigate their troubles in a positive way, seeing everything as an opportunity to learn.

  3. Have you ever considered the impact of your actions over time? Are they really diminished with time or is that just a story we tell ourselves to feel better about making mistakes?

    I think our actions’ impact actually amplifies with time, which is the most compelling motivating factor to make change NOW. Live the FULLEST LIFE possible > that is the game!


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