Sweaty and Red From The Tanning Bed

Yeah I go tanning every once in a while. So what? I like to be bronze and beautiful! Okay, I get red. I don’t go tanning. I go redding. It’s just how it is, but in the middle of a run or rainy days, it definitely makes me feel better. Everybody loves vitamin D. I was just trying to pass that feeling along, when I did what I did in the tanning salon. Hey, at least I didn’t bring a five year old in there with me! And at least I don’t have a Nutella face!

I got your tanning tax right here.

The bed was so hot and I didn’t have a towel, so I thought to myself “I’ll just wipe the sweat from my bald head with a tissue”. I only needed to remove enough so that I didn’t look like a total gorilla when I walked out. I saw the tissue box and I had an idea.



I thought “Maybe somebody will be in here just as sweaty as me. They’ll be burning to a crisp and they’ll reach for a tissue.” How great would it be if you found THIS as you pulled a sheet out??!



BOOM!! Now you got a tan and some money in your hand! Who’s better than you?


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