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The Worst Place on Earth

If you woke up from being asleep, where is the one place you would not want to find yourself? For me it’s a Long Island Railroad bathroom; the old school one. The new trains aren’t so bad, but the old ones? With the red and blue seats? Have you ever been in one of those bathrooms? They make plane lavatories look luxurious. You open the door and step in, and your shoulders touch all walls. On certain occasions it’s far dirtier than you could imagine, with things that you can’t even identify. But this day, it was pristine. It was only missing one thing…

The only semi-cool thing about using the bathroom on the train is that as you make your way towards it, you feel like a cowboy from the old Western days as you mosey on down the aisle.

Yikes, what’s behind this door?

Well, at least they’re trying. There’s some wipes for your hands. But what’s behind that? What is that?

It’s MONEY!! For the rest of your life, as long as you think about train bathrooms (hopefully not that often) you’ll always remember that you found money in one today!!


$5 Worth Of Sunshine

If you live in the tri-state area, you know how necessary this was today. Rainy, grey, windy. I try to not let my emotional state be dependent on the weather. I know that it’s good for the Earth. It nourishes the plants and pretty much keeps everything alive. BUT I AM NOT A PLANT! I AM A MAN!!

And I don’t like the feeling of rain on my neck. WIth that said, I will show you some pictures of what I did to brighten somebody’s day. I don’t care who it is. As long as they’re not a plant. They have it good enough today.

Nothing there yet. I figured I’d do a little before and after today.

THERE it is 🙂

Now bend down and pick that up. Coffee is on me today.


Five Dollar Flight

I think I’m going to make this a regular thing. I know it’s unconditional giving and I still don’t care who gets the money or what they do with it, but I want to reward people who go the extra mile. If you take the stairs, you deserve a reward. Aside from the health benefits and boost of self esteem that comes from doing things the hard way, you deserve a little extra.

Today I decided to leave a little something on the 4th floor stairs, which is not an unreasonable amount of flights to take up OR down. It’s just about perfect for a little bit of exercise before work. It gets your blood and your brain going. If you decided to take the stairs today you’ll really be hitting on all cylinders. Your physical health will be taken care of, your mind will be working better because of the extra blood and oxygen flow, and your pockets will be on swoll. $5 worth anyway 🙂

It’s not too far down. Of course it’s harder than taking the elevator, but infinitely more rewarding. And you don’t even know what’s waiting just around the bend.

What is that? Is that? Is today my lucky day?!

I’ll bet you $5 it is your lucky day! You just found money! I hope this causes a ripple effect and you can ride the wave into the next moment. Hey, maybe you can even take somebody with you 🙂

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