Five Dollar Flight

I think I’m going to make this a regular thing. I know it’s unconditional giving and I still don’t care who gets the money or what they do with it, but I want to reward people who go the extra mile. If you take the stairs, you deserve a reward. Aside from the health benefits and boost of self esteem that comes from doing things the hard way, you deserve a little extra.

Today I decided to leave a little something on the 4th floor stairs, which is not an unreasonable amount of flights to take up OR down. It’s just about perfect for a little bit of exercise before work. It gets your blood and your brain going. If you decided to take the stairs today you’ll really be hitting on all cylinders. Your physical health will be taken care of, your mind will be working better because of the extra blood and oxygen flow, and your pockets will be on swoll. $5 worth anyway 🙂

It’s not too far down. Of course it’s harder than taking the elevator, but infinitely more rewarding. And you don’t even know what’s waiting just around the bend.

What is that? Is that? Is today my lucky day?!

I’ll bet you $5 it is your lucky day! You just found money! I hope this causes a ripple effect and you can ride the wave into the next moment. Hey, maybe you can even take somebody with you 🙂

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Sweaty and Red From The Tanning Bed

Yeah I go tanning every once in a while. So what? I like to be bronze and beautiful! Okay, I get red. I don’t go tanning. I go redding. It’s just how it is, but in the middle of a run or rainy days, it definitely makes me feel better. Everybody loves vitamin D. I was just trying to pass that feeling along, when I did what I did in the tanning salon. Hey, at least I didn’t bring a five year old in there with me! And at least I don’t have a Nutella face!

I got your tanning tax right here.

The bed was so hot and I didn’t have a towel, so I thought to myself “I’ll just wipe the sweat from my bald head with a tissue”. I only needed to remove enough so that I didn’t look like a total gorilla when I walked out. I saw the tissue box and I had an idea.



I thought “Maybe somebody will be in here just as sweaty as me. They’ll be burning to a crisp and they’ll reach for a tissue.” How great would it be if you found THIS as you pulled a sheet out??!



BOOM!! Now you got a tan and some money in your hand! Who’s better than you?


The Real Happy Hour

I hope you had a good week at work! It’s all about to be over, until Monday at least. Why don’t you stop by at one of the divest dive bars known to man? Seems like a good idea. You’ve been there before, many times actually. Too many times to count, and its always uneventful. But you feel different today. The energy in the ether around you is a little more exciting than normal. It could be the super moon, or it could be the fact that you happen to be at the right place at the right time. Welcome to the real happy hour.


Yep, that’s the place. I wonder if the regular crowd is inside. Better light up a cigarette before you go in. By the way I do not condone smoking, but I know it happens. help me quit almost six years ago. Check it out.


There’s the owners Jeep. You know he’s inside. Maybe he’ll buy you a shot. You have this feeling something good is about to happen but you can’t put your finger on what it is.


Whats that? Next to the Red Bull? Is that? It couldn’t be…


It is! It’s 5 bucks! Happy Friday and happy weekend. Say it with me, “I found money today!”

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