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This Experiment Was A Success

I just want to say I’m extremely grateful to the IADAS and Webby Awards judges for picking this site to be honored at this years ceremony. What started out as a social experiment in anonymous giving quickly became an addiction, which like anything, will bleed you dry. I got addicted to the feeling of knowing, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was going to influence somebody’s day in a positive way. I wasn’t bribing people to feel good. What I was doing was giving them a pat on the back from the universe and giving them a memory that they will carry forever.

Shortly after it was announced that I won the Webby, I went to go take the garbage out at my apartment complex (which requires getting in a car WITH said garbage). As I got out to toss the trash, I found a $20 bill. It doesn’t sound like a lot of money, and it’s not, but when you did nothing for it, except take out the garbage so your wife doesn’t have to, you get the feeling that the universe is just.

You can’t pay it forward anymore because things move too quickly. The internet has connected us all in such a way that paying it forward is immediately followed by being paid back, and being selfish goes public in a way that makes it hard to escape. You can’t make a move anymore without people seeing it. For people like me, this is a good thing because I try my best to do good. For those living in the shadows who don’t know the meaning of above board, your time is limited. It’s not just big brother watching anymore. It’s little sister, neighbor, cousin, friend from 10th grade, Ryan Gosling, etc.

Everybody can see you, so act like you’re something to be seen.

I will be on hiatus from updating this website for a while but you can keep up with me on Twitter @georgeresch or over at my new blog http://www.ayearinmeetings.tumblr.com
Of course http://www.facebook.com/georgeresch is a great way to keep in touch as well.

I’m just trying to do as much good as possible while I’m still alive.

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