Simply 5

Being that it’s Christmas Eve, I figured the best drop would be a simple one. Things are complicated enough around this time of year. Gotta get here, there, then, now, when, when are we leaving, are we there yet, she’s touching me, he’s touching me!, he’s in my air, he punched me, that’s my toy, wwwaahhhhhh, etc, etc, etc.

God this is such a crazy time of year. To honor the complication that Christmas has had to endure over the years, I simply picked the number 5 garage to give $5 to. I hope this eases the pain as they embark out on their journey of in-laws tomorrow.

If you know anything about the holidays, this moment is about as tense at it gets. The presents are open, the kids are hopped up on adrenaline and the worst part is, one of you was ready before the other one. It amazes me that couples get stressed about because one of them is made to wait. Somebody has to wait, you can’t simultaneously get ready.

So as you approach the garage your blood is boiling. You just want to get in the car and on the road and arrive at your family’s house so you can fight with THEM!



But you belong to garage lucky number 5…



At this point, whoever puts the code in wins. And buys the coffee. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



2 thoughts on “Simply 5

  1. Sweet! Merry Christmas to you!

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